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Projector setup 101

Projectors are optical devices used to display magnified images from computers on projection screens. Projectors are mainly used in theatres, offices, conference rooms and at home to create a theatre effect. They enlarge visual images and texts making it possible to... read more

Tips on Home Theater Room Décor

Designing your home theater room can be an exciting process whether you have the experience in decorating or not. Your space, budget, and imagination are the only constraints when it comes to decorating your home theater room. You can get designs from a home... read more

Do I Need a Home Theatre System?

Most people appreciate watching a good movie. Whether it’s a date, friend or family member, movies provide a great form of entertainment. Fortunately, with a home theater system, you do not have to take a trip to the movie theater. You get all the benefits without the... read more

Security Camera Installation Tips

With the numerous reasons to install surveillance cameras in the home or office, basic security camera installation is something that the ordinary person should be able to do without calling in the professionals. Of course, if it’s complex, multi-level security... read more

Things to Consider Before Mounting a TV

On the exterior, mounting a television to your wall seems like an excellent idea because it lifts the screen up to where the whole room can see it and saves floor space. However, there are some important things you should consider before you actually mount up. Here... read more

What Security Systems Do Businesses Need?

Business owners put effort and focus in running their businesses and forget to protect their efforts. This leaves other aspects of your business such as security completely neglected or procrastinated. It is not until something happens that most businesses consider... read more

Restaurant Audio System Setup

It is not a secret that for a business, music is a vital element because of the ambience and exciting customer experience that it provides. It is even the primary draw for some restaurants. If you have been looking to increase sales, restaurant reputation or boost... read more

Clinic TV Setup

Patients and other visitors will often form their first impression of a medical practice in the reception area or waiting room. Interactive TV allows for a participatory experience with content on the screen. There are numerous theories about how some TV programs... read more

Clinic Audio System Setup

Integrated, high-quality sound and audiovisual systems have become an essential element of modern day clinics. The music coming from a clinic’s audio system provides some sort of soothing to occupy patient’s minds for staying power. The atmosphere truly inspires... read more

How to find a project network setup company?

Network setup is a good way to improve efficiency in your business. It allows for the sharing of a single internet broadband, data sharing and storage, interlinked communication and multiple use of other connected devices such as printers or scanners.   As a business... read more